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Yes, youtube exists, I hear you but I defy you to find on the web streaming the content of the dvds we sell. If you want to progress and "steal" some moves to the best capoeirist on earth, you need to watch again and again capoeira dvds.

  • DVD of capoeira angola

    Here is our selection of capoeira angola dvds

  • DVD capoeira regional

    Here is our selection of dvds around capoeira regional

  • Capoeira DVD -...

    Want to know more about capoeira ? Here is our selection of dvd about the history of capoeira as well as some video capoeira training lessons.

  • Capoeira dvd with...

    Want to learn to fly ? Or just be amazed by those guys who do amazing stuff with their body in the roda ? Here is some acrobatics capoeira dvds

  • Capoeira dvds on...

    You missed the 2009 batizado of cordão de ouro ? Shame on you ;) Here is some dvds about capoeira events

  • Capoeira dvd in french

    Be careful, those capoeira dvds are in french

  • DVD History,...

    Capoeira is so rich, you need those dvds to know more. Always need to know more.

  • Our favorites capoeira...

    yes, we do not always watch youtube, we have a lot of dvds we put to learn new moves.

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