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Capoeira is so rich with its music, history, events that a lot of medias are published every year but is barely re-edited so do not miss your chance

  • Capoeira dvds

    Yes, youtube exists, I hear you but I defy you to find on the web streaming the content of the dvds we sell. If you want to progress and "steal" some moves to the best capoeirist on earth, you need to watch again and again capoeira dvds.

  • Capoeira books

    A lot of books have been written around capoeira. Have a look at our selection. If a book is gone, it is very difficult to find it back as there is generally only one printing. Here is our selection, we do not have a lot of medias in english so read carefully it is is available in your language within the description of the book.

  • Capoeira Cds and music

    Discover the largest selection of cds of capoeira music of the web! Angola capoeira music and capoeira regional.

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